Rants, Raves and Reflections from the mind of a musician.





A blistering and humid Tuesday morning. The coffee shop bustles with tourists and natives; foreigners sit high atop bar stools scribbling furiously into their travel journals, anxious to make good on once-in-a-lifetime travel plans. A cashier with a cotton candy voice dutifully explains the menu to a customer. Out of sight, a gathering of old men opine symphonically, their cadences punctuated with laughter.

I patiently await my iced americano. :)




I awake to an overcast sky: grayish light washing through the slightly parted drapes. Icy white primer coats the walls. She is already awake and I hear a rustling in the kitchen; the sliding of drawers and the opening and closing of cabinet doors. Soon after, the scents of coffee and toasting bread creep into the room, and I hear something being whisked in a bowl. I rise from the mattress, my back aching, my knees and ankles sorely fighting gravity. I part the drapes further and stare out into the courtyard. Rain is falling in large drops, and the trees down below are dancing in unison to a steady, violent wind.


SOMEWHERE: this moment


SOMEWHERE: this moment

I sense big change ahead. I don't know where the road is leading - how this change will manifest - but I am absolutely certain that it's coming.

I have much more to give; much more to say. I'm more than just a drummer, more than just a musician. I'm an artist, and I have artistic curiosities that transcend the boundaries of genre or discipline. Whatever is next, I am eager to share it with all who are open to receive. In the meantime, I'll keep my head down and get my work done, occasionally stopping to take notice of light and shadow, color and shade, sound and song. I'm just here for the beauty.



Sun is setting early here. It's 339PM and it feels like dusk. The sun peeks out on occasion. Clouds are hanging low and moving fast. And I miss you.